Space Systems and Payload Training

TBE’s capability in space systems training and crew operations stems from our decades of experience in planning, integrating, maintaining, and administering training programs and operations for NASA.  We plan, develop, and execute payload training for NASA ground support personnel (cadre and payload developers) and on-board crew members. TBE has already trained well over 250 astronauts for real-time mission operations.

Training Program Development – Our space program training veterans are capable of developing training programs from conception through execution.  Utilizing knowledge gained from creating and maintaining NASA programs, our training specialists have the skills to deliver an efficient, comprehensive training program.

Payload Training – Working in partnership with government personnel, we design and implement the full spectrum of payload training initiatives, from classroom instruction to simulator design and development.

Courseware Development – We develop interactive courseware on complex experiments and research facilities that fly on the International Space Station (ISS). We also develop courses for training flight controllers on the ISS on-board data, video, and payload support systems. The full spectrum of payload training initiatives includes classroom instruction, electronic media, and web-based delivery.

Simulations – The training program culminates in high-fidelity, distributed mission simulations of space operations.  Our Joint Integrated Simulations serve NASA as round-the-clock dress rehearsals for space flight that include scientists and control centers worldwide.

Hands-On Training – We provide scientific experiment training and simulations in a full-size mock-up of the ISS Destiny Lab.  Our flight controllers are highly trained and certified for real-time operations thanks, in large part, to their hands-on simulator and virtual training.