Space Science and Operations

Throughout our decades of experience, Teledyne Brown Engineering has integrated several hundred experiments involving nearly every scientific discipline. We have worked directly with multiple NASA Centers as well as the Canadian, European, Russian, and Japanese Space Agencies.

Our engineers are presently engaged with active operations involving the following facilities and payloads: Microgravity Science Glovebox investigations, Human Research Project investigations, Fluid Combustion Facility investigations, Window Observational Research Facility, Materials Science Research Rack, Minus Eighty-degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS, EXPRESS payloads, external payloads and stand-alone payloads.

The company also has unparalleled experience in control center operation for manned space-science missions.  We have provided well over 130,000 continuous hours of real-time science operations support to NASA and the International Space Station community since the Payload Operations Integration Center became operational in February 2001. Key areas of support include:

  • Requirements definition
  • Mission planning and integration
  • Safety and requirements verification
  • Command and data handling
  • Payload support systems
  • Payload integration and interface testing
  • Crew and ground system personnel training
  • Payload operations product development and certification of flight readiness
  • Payload operations control and execution.