Mission Planning and Control Center Operations

As part of our payload operations and integration role in supporting the International Space Station, engineers and science specialists from Teledyne Brown staff the Marshall Space Flight Center’s (MSFC’s) Payload Operations Control Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff includes specialists in mission analysis, experiment planning, space sciences, human factors, schedule optimization, data communications, and hardware and software engineering as well as program and technology management. Key activities include:

  •   Monitoring the progress of experiments
  •   Air-to-ground communications
  •   Managing the capture and downlink of experiment data
  •   Assisting astronauts and science teams
  •   Anomaly resolution
  •   Ground-commanding on-board systems that support experiment operations
  •   Planning the mission timeline to ensure maximum use of on-board resources.

TBE also provides operations support to the Payload Rack Checkout Unit located in MSFC’s Space Systems Integration and Test Facility. Our personnel:

  •   Perform integrated verification testing of payload flight hardware and software with the flight-like ground facility racks (EXPRESS, WORF, MSG, and MSRR)
  •   Develop test plans, test procedures, and test reports for all integrated tests
  •   Perform end-to-end testing of payload command and data-handling systems with the flight-like facilities and the Huntsville Operations Support Center systems
  •   Support crew procedure validation
  •   Support human factors review
  •   Label hardware items.

As a result of our success at NASA, Teledyne is supporting the European Space Agency’s astronaut training center in Cologne, Germany, through the provision of experienced flight controllers.