Software Tools

XTie-RT Requirements Tracer - The XTie-RT Requirements Tracer is a high-speed PC database application designed to ease the burden of managing requirements.  Easy to learn, XTie-RT is based on a unique database manager and is designed to aid in project design and specification development, risk management, verification of compliance, Contract Data Item delivery, requirements traceability, and bids for future projects. XTie-RT adheres to Windows standards and may be used as a stand-alone tool or as a client-server application with up to 128 simultaneous users.  It is robust enough to use on large projects but affordable enough to use on small projects.

DocuBurst - DocuBurst is a PC-based tool that discovers requirements and headings in text documents and structures them into objects for use in requirements and other tools.  Text documents are quickly transformed into a requirements list, WBS, proposal outline, or a specification compliance matrix. The application runs on a desktop as a stand-alone application.  With DocuBurst 1.0, the customer benefits by decreasing the time required to analyze the content of a document and quickly providing outputs to the entire team for early organization

Analysis Tools - TBE’s software development products range from small software packages for systems analysis to high-fidelity, real-time distributed simulations to include analysis tools. Our capabilities include tools to support analysis for medical planning by the Navy and Marine Corp, scoping force structure problems by the Joint Staff, evaluating weapon coverage and effectiveness for DoD, supporting mission analysis of current military operations, and much more. Applicable software products that TBE developed and uses for analysis include:

  • Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM)
  • Joint Medical Planning Tool (JMPT)
  • Advanced Subsystem, Element, and System Simulation (ASESS)
  • Expected Value-Based Logistics Capability Assessment Model (ELCAM)
  • Sensor Platform Allocation Analysis Tool (SPAAT)
  • Advanced Tactical Threat Coordination and Kinematics (ATTACK)/Threat Generator (TG)
  • Medical Planners’ Toolkit (MPTk)