Objective Simulation Framework (OSF)

TBE is developing MDA’s flexible M&S Architecture, the Objective Simulation Framework (OSF).  OSF is configurable to support all Stakeholder Applications to include Ground Test, Performance Assessment, Exercises, War Games, Training, Element Integration, and Concept Analysis.  OSF provides Truth Stimulation and Integration to support interoperability, performance assessment testing, and training events.  OSF is made up of Execution Services that support event preparation and assessment activities as well as event execution. The Common Object Library serves as the central repository for all BMDS M&S assets such as Core Truth data and models, Element representations, and resultant data from test and training events.  Each Element representation, whether it is a sensor, weapon, or Command and Control, connects to the OSF through a Participant Interface. 

Legacy M&S Sustainment/Enhancements

As the OSF is developed, TBE provides sustainment and enhancement support to the Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF) under the OSF contract.  Our support ensures that the SSF continues to provide a modular test framework interconnecting BMDS Elements/Components and HWIL facilities.  SSF supports distributed and non-distributed test events, including ground test, flight test, element integration, exercises, and training.  The SSF allows for the tactical systems to be exercised in a realistic theater and/or global conditions by utilizing tactical hardware and software.

TBE has the experience, capabilities, and skilled staff required to apply knowledge and innovative techniques to develop, integrate, and enhance System Frameworks for future clients.