Logistics and Predictive Modeling

TBE provides the capability to develop, modify, evolve, and verify and validate M&S that addresses logistics issues.  We develop and use M&S to support a variety of customers who have unique logistics issues. Joint Medical Planning Tool (JMPT) TBE currently builds, maintains, and evolves JMPT (formerly known as TML+) for the Navy. This software program supports medical planners in evaluating a patient’s care from the point of injury through more definitive care, addressing the staffing, supplies, transportation, and  patient survival.  JMPT has application to military tactical scenarios and to civilian emergency medical logistics planning associated with mass casualty events. Joint Force Analysis Simulation (JFAS) JFAS is a medium-resolution, two-sided, combined arms combat simulation that models engagements and force attrition using industry standard algorithms.  It includes the constraints and implications of consumables associated with a modern force on the modern battlefield. Expected-Value-Based Logistics Capability Assessment Model (ELCAM) The ELCAM evaluates reliability and maintainability impacts on aircraft availability, supporting the analysis of maintenance, support equipment, spare parts, battle damage repair, and aircraft turnaround. It also addresses the numbers and usage of support equipment and aircraft rearm, refuel, and reconfiguration for turnaround.