Capability Summary

EADSIM a many-on-many simulation of air, missile and space warfare, provides analysis, training, test and operational planning to the warfighter in one package. EADSIM is one of the most widely used simulation programs with over 220 user agencies worldwide. EADSIM is managed by the US Army Space and Missile Defense/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT) as the executive agent for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).  EADSIM is provided at no cost to US Government agencies and their contractors. We regularly customize EADSIM to fit the particular needs of our customers and then roll these changes back into the EADSIM baseline for use by the community. 

EADSIM has received extensive examination by the user community, resulting in multiple accreditations. Application of the model by hundreds of users adds to the confidence in EADSIM. EADSIM incorporates user-driven capabilities, with a proven rapid response capability to develop and support the model to meet evolving user needs. We maintain an independent AS9100D/ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification and are independently assessed at CMMI Level 3.

Our customers have repeatedly performed assessments of EADSIM.  EADSIM is generally the most comprehensive, widely used and heavily scrutinized models in the community.  Some notes from users assessments:

  • “... development process defined in the SDP is enforced”
  • “... reviewed source code was extremely well documented.”
  • “...documentation was found to be of good quality, useful and consistent.”
  • “The Configuration Management process is well documented and there is evidence that the process is well understood by the developers and consistently implemented.” 

EADSIM is used for scenarios ranging from few-on-few to many-on-many. It represents all the potential missions on both sides of the scenario.  It is unique in that the scope of the modeling is at such a level of detail, where each platform (such as a fighter aircraft) and the interaction among the platforms, are individually modeled. It includes an extensive functional and statistical representation of the perceived operational picture which feeds the Command, Control and Communications (C3). It models the Command and Control (C2) decision processes and the communications among the platforms on a message-by-message basis. Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are explicitly modeled to support offensive and defensive applications. Cyber warfare is modeled for both Red and Blue forces, with the vulnerabilities of different systems, the combat consequences of cyber-attacks and the time required to recover. Reliability, availability and maintainability are modeled, with failures impacting combat functionality and time to repair. Position/Navigation/Timing and the NAVWAR associated with this are modeled.

EADSIM has been proven practical for a wide range of applications. User training is available and to-date over 3,000 students have been trained. 

EADSIM is supported with maintenance, configuration management, extensive documentation, a user hot line (1-800-C3I-USER), web ( and email support (, user conferences and ongoing enhancements. 

The longevity and global acceptance of the EADSIM across the Department of Defense (DoD) and international organizations is the result of a collaborative effort put forth in its development. The EADSIM community is composed of the USASMDC/ARSTRAT and MDA sponsors, the Teledyne developers and the more than 220 user agencies that both utilize the model and fund enhancements to meet their expanding needs. The users’ commitment to the model has allowed it to grow and succeed in its role as an integrated analysis, training, test and operational planning tool. Teledyne’s shared vision with the user community is key to the program continuation, as our stewardship has successfully steered EADSIM to be one of the most widely used simulations in the DoD. Teledyne has established and is maintaining a lean and highly productive development, analysis and support team which effectively complete EADSIM tasking on schedule and within the budget set by the Government. The provision of high-quality support to our customers is of utmost importance to Teledyne. We are committed to continuing to make EADSIM and its users successful by working to ensure that it remains an effective, reliable tool for the modeling of current and future weapon systems.