We are pleased to announce the release of Version 19 of EADSIM. The capability of simulation tools often determines the boundaries of analyses. Major new EADSIM features which expand those boundaries include neutral entity representation coupled with requisite impacts on perceived Combat Identification, additional capabilities supporting defensive fighter operations coupled with improvements to coordinated refueling operations for both defensive and long haul offensive operations, continued expansion of representation of Integrated Air and Missile Defense capabilities, and management of jamming resourc​es within the Electronic Warfare environment. Many of these capabilities significantly impact the operation of EADSIM across the Live, Virtual, and Constructive simulation gamut. Not only do these features operate fully within the internal, constructive simulation, these new features provide additional depth to both truth and perception presented to other federates and operators in the loop when operating in a distributed environment. Supporting these system representation capabilities are a number of general simulation environment improvements. These include additional data logging, data extraction, and presentation capabilities, as well as an embedded data pedigree capability and a significant scenario execution speed boost.

EADSIM’s training approach is simple in concept, thorough in approach and provided in an interactive training lab environment. Model theory and operation are taught in a lecture format. Hands-on exercises use the theory and operation to build and execute scenarios, with each building upon the knowledge and skill of previous lecture elements. Application of this progressive training process to each of the model elements assures development of user skills and understanding of EADSIM.​

​For other course information and con​siderations please contact EADSIM User Services. ​​​​​