Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) is the most mature and widely used force-on-force model in the world.  With almost 30 years of development and high-fidelity refinements, EADSIM is the preferred model for evaluation and validation of a broad range of weapon systems and capabilities. EADSIM incorporates user-driven capabilities with a proven, rapid-response capability to develop and support the model meeting evolving user needs. Teledyne Brown Engineering is the original and continuous developer of EADSIM, first deployed in 1989.


EADSIM’s training approach is simple in concept, thorough in approach and provided in an interactive training lab environment.  Model theory and operation are taught in a lecture format.  Hands-on exercises use the theory and operation to build and execute scenarios, with each building upon the knowledge and skill of previous lecture elements. Application of this progressive training process to each of the model elements assures development of user skills and understanding of EADSIM.

  • Basic Courses
    • EADSIM Fundamentals - This course covers the basic information and skills needed to develop models to evaluate system, technical and operational performance.
  • Advanced Courses
    • User Rules - Focuses on the concepts of EADSIM User Rules capabilities in operation across a variety of engagement types.
    • EADSIM Sensors - Covers details of various sensor models, from application of simple modeling techniques to detailed representations to associated C3 for emissions  control.
    • EADSIM Flex CDR/SAM – An advanced course that delves deeply into the building blocks of SAM/C3 modeling, including a greater learning of the outputs that illustrate performance and lead to Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Measures of Performance (MOPs).
  • Enrollment

User Services

All other questions and requests can be forwarded to the EADSIM User Services Team or for live support contact the EADSIM hot line (1-800-C3I-USER) / EADSIM.Hotline@Teledyne.com.