C2 Systems Development

From conceptual models to deployed system C2 capabilities, Mission Systems has provided DoD and other organizations quality C2 system solutions for over 50 years. The need to not only integrate but to fuse technological advances within robust systems fuels an ever-growing demand for effective, composable C2 frameworks that efficiently and effectively incorporate emerging technologies into synergistic system architectures. We continue to incorporate technology advancements in the development of our products and services.

Our Integrated System Test Capability (ISTC) led the way in integrating the National Missile Defense System and has evolved, along with technology and development methods, to form the basis of MDA’s OSF.

EADSIM has been the backbone of campaign planning, mission planning, TTP development, system and C2 training, operational exercises, air and missile defense studies, and analysis of alternatives.

We also provide command systems for unmanned underwater systems (Littoral Battlespace System Glider), manned C2 systems (JBC-P), and adverse environment aviation landing support systems (Multi-Input/Multi-Output [MIMO] radar).