Space Systems


Teledyne Brown Engineering provides full-spectrum engineering services, engineered systems, and manufactured products for the space industry. We’ve been involved in some of the most significant milestones in our country’s space exploration programs, including every Space Shuttle mission, the International Space Station program, and the new Space Launch System.

Today, we’re expanding the commercial side of our space business. we’re building the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing, or MUSES, which is an Earth-observation platform that will be installed on the exterior of the International Space Station and support up to four remote sensing instruments, or other payloads, simultaneously. Data from the instruments can be used in a variety of applications such as, intelligence, agriculture, oil and gas exploration, environmental monitoring, and disaster response. Through an agreement with NASA, Teledyne Brown is able to offer its customers launch vehicle services and power, as well as command and data handling resources, providing a significant reduction in cost as compared to traditional satellites.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Systems Engineering and Integrations
  • Designing and integrating space-experiment payloads
  • Fabricating unique space-qualified hardware
  • Training scientists, astronauts, and support personnel
  • Operating control centers during missions
  • Program Management