Lab Quality

TBE’s Knoxville facility has over 25,000 square feet of laboratory space. The laboratory is large enough to allow for a high level of specialization, with dedicated areas for the analysis of environmental-level samples. Sample storage is also segregated for environmental versus higher-level radioactivity.

TBE’s Environmental Laboratory has an extensive inventory of nuclear counting equipment and laboratory hoods to handle a large capacity of work.

Chain of Custody (COC) Customization
The integrity of all samples is maintained throughout the entire laboratory process from receipt to return or disposal. A customized, electronic COC is available to meet the specific needs of your project.

Below is a partial list of professional analytical services available at our Environmental Laboratory:

  • Radiochemical analysis for gross alpha, gross beta, I131, Sr89, Sr90, Fe55, C14,Tc99, Ni63, and Pb210
  • Gamma spectroscopy for fission products, activation products, natural radioisotopes, and radioisotopes for research and medical treatment, including K40, Mn54, Co58, Cs134, Cs137, Ra226, Ra228, and PB210
  • Hard to Detects (HTDs) – Fe55, Ni63, Sr89, Sr90, Tc99, H3, C14, and I129
  • Detection of tritium in surface and ground water, Alpha spectroscopy for Cm243/244, Po210, and other alpha emitting radionuclide.
  • Bioassays of urine and feces for alpha isotopic, tritium, gross beta minus K40, and other isotopes on request.

Radiochemical Analyses

  • Screening
    • Gross alpha and beta
    • Gamma spectroscopy
    • Tritium
  • Alpha Spectroscopy
    • Isotopic Americium and Curium (Am241, Cm242, Cm243/244)
    • Neptunium (Np237)
    • Isotopic Thorium (Th228, Th230, Th232)
    • Isotopic Plutonium (Pu238, Pu239/240)
    • Isotopic Uranium (U234, U235, U238)
    • Po210
  • Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Low-Energy Gamma Spectroscopy
    • I125
    • I129
    • Fe55
    • Ni59
    • Pb210
  • Liquid Scintillation
    • C14
    • H3
    • Pu241
    • Tc99
    • Ni63
    • Pm147
  • Proportional Counter
    • I131 (low level)
    • Pb210
    • P32
    • Sr89/90
    • Sr90

TBE’s Environmental Laboratory maintains a large variety of radiological counting and survey instruments. TBE is fully equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide a broad spectrum of radioanalytical services to our clients in the most-efficient, cost-effective manner possible.