Data Products

The DESIS hyperspectral imager produces Analysis Ready Data (ARD) processed to several different product levels. Acquired data is processed to Level1A, which consists of raw, quality screened image and calibration data, and stored in the archive.  Higher level processing is applied when data sets are ordered by end users.  The table below lists the DESIS data products:

Additional information about DESIS data product and the processing applied for each product may be found in the following documents:

For US government-affiliated researchers, spectral binning may be selected when ordering data.  The full 2.55 nm resolution data may be requested without binning, or spectrally binned to 5.1 nm, 7.65 nm, or 10.2 nm.  Commercial or non-US government-affiliated end users may only request 10.2 nm binned product.

If you have questions concerning commercial, academic, or NGO site access, please contact our Geospatial Solutions Manager Heath Lester at

For DESIS technical information and calibration assistance, please contact Kara Burch at

Image from California Central Valley Atmospherically resistant index on the left and true color image on the right.  You can see that Spectral enhancements allow one to see areas of stress more clearly (red areas in the image on the right).