Partnering with Oakman Aerospace, Inc.

Teledyne to Host Payloads on ISS

Sample Ampoule Assemblies Headed to the ISS

NASA Mentor Protégé of the Year Award

Teledyne Brown Engineering

We are an industry leader in engineered systems and advanced manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence, the highest standards of quality, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction make Teledyne Brown a name synonymous with success

SUBSA Hardware Launched

The recent October 17th launch of NASA flight OA-5 included space flight hardware developed and integrated in Huntsville, AL by Teledyne Brown Engineering.

NASA Large Prime Award

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. (TBE) based in Huntsville, AL was named NASA’s Large Business Prime Contractor of the year for the Fiscal Year 2015. The announcement was made during the spring 2016 NASA Industry Forum meeting hosted by the agency’s Office of Small Business programs at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC...

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